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The Baby Your Obstetrician Insists You Abort

Julie's family relied on their faith to see them through a terrifying time of unknowns. As a society, we have to decide what kind of culture we want to live in.

How Grieving Parents Can Face Milestones

With everything in me I didn’t want to go to that wedding. It was my youngest son’s best friend’s wedding--he would've been the best...

How to Restore Your Heart After a Hard Christmas

If the unknown of the new year looks overwhelming, here's a few simple steps to lead you into the new year with hope.

Moms In Prayer International Podcast: Walking Through Devastation

Candy coated prayers don’t fit when you are in the middle of devastation. Today’s guest, Rhonda Robinson, mother of nine, walks us through the clinging and comeback that occurred in her life after the tragic death of her son. This episode is a glimpse of hope for those who are mourning.

Bridges With Monica Schmelter

Monica Schmelter welcomes Rhonda Robinson as they discuss her new book "FreeFall: Holding Onto Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes" and the goodness of God.

Atlanta Live! Interview With Pastor E. John & Nikita Citizen


The “Why Me?” Project: An Unexpectedly Intimate Interview

Rhonda Robinson talks for the first time about getting married in high school, and some of the hurdles that comes with early marriage, and being born into the baby scoop era.

CiLiving Page Turners: FreeFall Interview Grief During the Holidays.

When joy doesn't always come naturally during the holidays. There are times when grief should be allowed to dampen the celebrations.

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