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How Grieving Parents Can Face Milestones

With everything in me I didn’t want to go to that wedding. It was my youngest son’s best friend’s wedding--he would've been the best...

PTSD in Grief: When Soul Wounds Break Open

Wounds of the flesh seal with a scar. Wounds of the soul never fully heal. They can only be dressed. And they have a tendency to break open. The flood of pain you feel is grief related PTSD.

When Mother’s Day Isn’t Roses

It's hard when the day you are supposed to be honored as a mother, is only a reminder of what you have lost.

Should We Allow Grief to Darken the Holidays?

The Holidays are supposed to be joyous. Except when they are not. Grief does not take time off for holidays or traditional celebrations-- and that's ok.

Rhonda on Real Life Talking About Surviving Life in a FreeFall

Rhonda Robinson talks with the Amy and the REAL LIFE hosts about grief, faith, and how to hold onto your faith when the unthinkable strikes.

Bridges With Monica Schmelter

Monica Schmelter welcomes Rhonda Robinson as they discuss her new book "FreeFall: Holding Onto Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes" and the goodness of God.

Does God Take Our Children?

The child who dies before having a chance to live a full life, is a life stolen — but not by God.

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