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FreeFall: Holding Onto Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes“He died at the scene.”

“It’s malignant.”

“I want a divorce.”

We all know life can change in an instant, but what happens when the life being changed is your own?

Certain words, whether whispered or shouted, once uttered, sever us from the life we once knew. Such words can send us into a spiritual free fall, descending into a world of darkness and despair where hope seems woefully out of our reach, and loss, grief, and depression tries to smother our faith. Faced with her own devastating, life-altering events, author Rhonda Robinson was forced to deal with circumstances out of her control. Instead of losing her faith, she learned to trust God as He led her out of paralyzing darkness.

FreeFall: Holding Onto Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes, written for women experiencing tragedy, examines frequently heard but often-misguided words in light of Scripture and offers unshakable truth to use in times of profound change. Read her words, let them soak into your soul, and emerge redeemed and restored. If you or someone you know is faced with grief as a result of difficult circumstances—divorce, cancer, death of a loved one, etc.—then join Rhonda on a journey toward restoration. Unlike other books on grief and loss,FreeFall doesn’t just want you to understand your grief; it seeks to offer you unshakable truth to use in a time of profound change in order to emerge a different, restored person.

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Advance Praise

“Drawing from her own journey out of dark despair, Rhonda Robinson brings a roadmap for others in FreeFall. She has experienced what God Himself designed as the greatest sacrifice: the loss of a child. This book serves to shine a light out of the dark place of grief to a next step, to another safe step and then one more, until you find, like Rhonda did, that you have come out.”

—Angie Penrod, MEd, wife of Guy Penrod/Grammy and Dove award-winning gospel singer, mother of eight


“Raw. Beautiful. Encouraging. Hope-filled. Through true stories of real people who have battled grief and found surprising victories in the process, FreeFall offers a light to anyone who feels stuck in a dark pit.”

—Anita Agers-Brooks, international speaker and award-winning author of Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over


“God makes us brave. When we face the pain of irreplaceable loss, He carries us to the shores of a new horizon. As Rhonda learned to praise God through the devastatingly tragic car accident that claimed the life of her son, Dan, she began her healing journey with God. If you have experienced pain or loss in your life, FreeFall: Holding onto Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes will set your feet on solid ground. Author Rhonda Robinson writes with authentic grace that will enable you to embrace the new normal of a new beginning in your life. God is using even the loss in your life to create a masterpiece of purpose.”

—Sue Detweiler, best-selling author of Women Who Move Mountains: Praying with Confidence, Boldness, and Grace and pastor of Life Bridge Church

About the Author

Rhonda Robinson is a mother of nine who carefully built her life nurturing her family, gardens, and writing parenting columns. Rhonda saw her world shatter with the words, “Dan died at the scene.” Through life-altering events, disabling illnesses, and devastating loss, Rhonda learned to break down and rebuild her life. She became a witness to the undeniable, unseen hand of God.

Rhonda Robinson
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