Conference Speaker, Workshop Leader

Rhonda Robinson

Rhonda offers practical, spiritual, and biblically-based wisdom to transform the darkness into a season of profound change and emerge as women of vision and

She teaches women how to move beyond their beliefs about themselves and their circumstances to discover the life they were designed to live.

Rhonda is more than happy to work with you to make speaking at your event affordable.

To learn more, email Rhonda.Robinson@me.com

You can find an online media kit here and past media interviews here.


Just a few of Rhonda’s favorite speaking topics:

  • Harnessing the Storm: When the unthinkable strikes it will either warp you into something unrecognizable or refine you. You do have a choice.
  • Sunrise Reflections: There is power in the majesty of the sunrise. Rhonda gives practical advice on how to use this precious time to restore your soul.
  • Life Sketching: Journal your way into the life you always dreamed you would have.
  • The House of Mourning: What does grieving “well” actually look like?
  • Picking up the Pieces of a Shattered Life: Learning how to thrive in a world you didn’t want to live in.