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Mothering well is hard. It’s also the closest we will ever come to understanding the unconditional love God has for us. 

Busting the Myth of Toxic Masculinity

son's behavior, budding masculinity
The characteristics that are predominantly masculine have been in the process of perfecting over millions of years. Men with these attributes were once prized and honored because they were the men that guaranteed the survival of their families.

Women Need Women. Mothers Need Mothering. Here’s why.

The best hospital staff in the world can’t replace a loving grandmother’s eyes. A mother with her baby in her arms can’t always see the subtle changes within the first few days of caring for her newborn. First-time mothers have no idea what normal behavior or growth looks like.

Want a Trustworthy Boy? Arm Him For Boyhood Battles

The art of mothering little boys requires us to balance the need to tame a boy’s adventurous impulses without breaking or wounding his spirit.

Have We Forgotten What Normal Healthy Boy Behavior Looks Like?

Boys were born to explore, to conquer, to invent and to protect. So how do we nurture these attributes?

New Research: Snuggling Your Babies Today Makes Them Happier Adults Tomorrow

Have you ever had a well-meaning mother (or mother-in-law) scold you for picking up your baby too much? Have you been warned that if...

Anti-Co-sleeping Myth Busted: Sleeping With Your Baby Could Prevent SIDS

It was 3 a.m. when the nurse opened my hospital door, leaned in, and announced with an insistent tone, “Don’t fall asleep with the...

How Free Play Creates Emotionally Stable Children in an Unstable World

Are you old enough to remember "the carefree days of childhood" or "a happy childhood"? Once upon a time these were common phrases, but you...

Your Child’s Favorite Foods Could Be The Cause Of His Bad...

Is your child one of the sweetest kids you have ever known? Is his heart as big as he is...and the only problem is...
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