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FreeFall Video: When He Says “I Don’t Love You”

Glenna believed her marriage would last a lifetime. Her world shattered with the words I don't love you. Glenna and Rhonda talk about how FreeFall changed her life.

The “Why Me?” Project: An Unexpectedly Intimate Interview

Rhonda Robinson talks for the first time about getting married in high school, and some of the hurdles that comes with early marriage, and being born into the baby scoop era.

CiLiving Page Turners: FreeFall Interview Grief During the Holidays.

When joy doesn't always come naturally during the holidays. There are times when grief should be allowed to dampen the celebrations.

Is Adoption Really the Answer to Abortion?

adoption, birth mother, abortion
The social ideology of adoption is seated too close to our morality nerve. Few dare to separate the needs of a child and the needs of adults to have a child.

The Baby Your Obstetrician Insists You Abort

Julie's family relied on their faith to see them through a terrifying time of unknowns. As a society, we have to decide what kind of culture we want to live in.

Busting the Myth of Toxic Masculinity

son's behavior, budding masculinity
The characteristics that are predominantly masculine have been in the process of perfecting over millions of years. Men with these attributes were once prized and honored because they were the men that guaranteed the survival of their families.

Want a Trustworthy Boy? Arm Him For Boyhood Battles

The art of mothering little boys requires us to balance the need to tame a boy’s adventurous impulses without breaking or wounding his spirit.

Have We Forgotten What Normal Healthy Boy Behavior Looks Like?

Boys were born to explore, to conquer, to invent and to protect. So how do we nurture these attributes?
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