Rhonda Robinson


Busting the Myth of Toxic Masculinity

The characteristics that are predominantly masculine have been in the process of perfecting over millions of years. Men with these attributes were once prized and honored because they were the men that guaranteed the survival of their families.

The Baby Your Obstetrician Insists You Abort

Julie's family relied on their faith to see them through a terrifying time of unknowns. As a society, we have to decide what kind of culture we want to live in.

Women Need Women. Mothers Need Mothering. Here’s why.

The best hospital staff in the world can’t replace a loving grandmother’s eyes. A mother with her baby in her arms can’t always see the subtle changes within the first few days of caring for her newborn. First-time mothers have no idea what normal behavior or growth looks like.

Cutting the Puppet Strings

Have you ever wondered who is pulling the emotional strings of the nation? The answer might surprise you. It is called dezinformatsiya. Russian, meaning disinformation. Not to be confused with misinformation. Misinformation is not always intentional. According to Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet defector to America, “Dezinformatsiya is a secret intelligence tool.” It is the black art of war, uniquely mastered by the Soviet Union. Although it has been around since 1923, it was launched against the US at the onset of the Vietnam War. I’m willing to bet, you have been affected by it.

How Grieving Parents Can Face Milestones

With everything in me I didn’t want to go to that wedding. It was my youngest son’s best friend’s wedding--he would've been the best...

Does God Bring Suffering?

To watch suffering, especially in those we love, can become more painful for us than to carry the pain ourselves. That’s because the God who created the family, designed motherhood and fatherhood after His own love.

PTSD in Grief: When Soul Wounds Break Open

Wounds of the flesh seal with a scar. Wounds of the soul never fully heal. They can only be dressed. And they have a tendency to break open. The flood of pain you feel is grief related PTSD.

When Mother’s Day Isn’t Roses

It's hard when the day you are supposed to be honored as a mother, is only a reminder of what you have lost.

How to Restore Your Heart After a Hard Christmas

If the unknown of the new year looks overwhelming, here's a few simple steps to lead you into the new year with hope.

Should We Allow Grief to Darken the Holidays?

The Holidays are supposed to be joyous. Except when they are not. Grief does not take time off for holidays or traditional celebrations-- and that's ok.

Rhonda on Real Life Talking About Surviving Life in a FreeFall

Rhonda Robinson talks with the Amy and the REAL LIFE hosts about grief, faith, and how to hold onto your faith when the unthinkable strikes.

Moms In Prayer International Podcast: Walking Through Devastation

Candy coated prayers don’t fit when you are in the middle of devastation. Today’s guest, Rhonda Robinson, mother of nine, walks us through the clinging and comeback that occurred in her life after the tragic death of her son. This episode is a glimpse of hope for those who are mourning.

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